While You are Stuck at Home, Make Your Boredom Disappear!!!

Robert Strong
3 min readMar 18, 2020


Professional magician Robert Strong shares 20 magic tricks for both kids (5+) and adults to help beat the stay at home blues.

Kids Watching Robert Strong Instructional Magic Videos
Kids Watching Robert Strong Instructional Magic Videos

We are all ‘social distancing’ ourselves, so now is a great time to learn a new skill. Magic is the best way to connect with people and when the world gets back to ‘normal’ you will have some amazing tricks up your sleeve. But for now, we have time to learn and practice. I have a set of videos for adults and a set for kids (lower down on this post).

I started magic when I was 12 years old from a book that I received called Spooky Tricks. I have been performing professionally for 35 years and I have been teaching magic to executives at some of the world’s largest tech companies. I’ve also used magic to help tech companies with their marketing too (see below).

Let’s get started! Here are 10 short magic videos for kids:

  1. Rope & Bottle Trick: only you can make a bottle hang on a rope, your audience just can’t do it. https://youtu.be/YLGlVfoFMcM
  2. Vanishing Salt Shaker Trick: make a salt shaker magically vanish at the dinner table. https://youtu.be/6WYGrNZsMWc
  3. Rising Card Trick: a playing card magically and visually levitates out of a deck of cards. https://youtu.be/5sED0nnZtJA
  4. Pencil Tricks: up your nose, levitating, and vanishing pencil. https://youtu.be/yHMCFGiheB0
  5. Spoon Tricks: safely bend and then vanish. an ordinary spoon. https://youtu.be/m8kkumUbnjQ
  6. Napkin Rose: learn how to twist a napkin into a rose. https://youtu.be/p4QX9W1Q-_c
  7. Shredded Money Trick: borrow a dollar, put it in an envelope, mix them up, and shred all of them but the one with the money. https://youtu.be/79jwYZCg1Co
  8. Appearing Money Trick: make money appear out of this air. https://youtu.be/lO76WRdRl24
  9. Rope Trick: cut and magically restore a rope. https://youtu.be/8GIHeP3izdw
  10. Business Card Trick: predict which card your volunteer will select. https://youtu.be/QKHYO3Y38x0

Here are 10 magic tricks for adults:

  1. Vanishing Playing Card: learn how to make a playing card visually appear and disappear. https://youtu.be/ieOnoaf0jqA
  2. Three Card Monte: Win free drinks with this classic but easy card trick. https://youtu.be/DDop35TrcaE
  3. Card Forces: Three different ways to give your volunteer the illusion that they have a free choice of cards. https://youtu.be/HYYCw2GzVkM
  4. Silverware, Salt Shaker, and Coins Tricks: A handful of sleight of hand tricks you can do at the dinner table. https://youtu.be/lE1v5weNuHA
  5. Rubber Band Trick: Magically un-link linked rubber bands. https://youtu.be/ljNRG051Wl4
  6. Jazz with Playing Cards: if you card forces (see #3) does not work, your audience will still see some amazing magic. https://youtu.be/34S1K6OEnDA
  7. More Rubber Band Tricks: a handful more impromptu rubber band tricks. https://youtu.be/UxNSkv0FvFw
  8. Card from Phone: Turn a photo of a playing card into a real playing card. https://youtu.be/lZxxoEPMF-g
  9. Vanishing Coins: Make both coins and a magic wand vanish. https://youtu.be/_-gkGkBXOWo
  10. Linking Matchsticks: Magically link and un-link ordinary matchsticks. https://youtu.be/fhGySw4lnRY

I am connected to some of the world’s best magicians. Please message me, if you would like to hire one of them for on-line magic lessons. My email is info@strongentertainment.com

You can follow me on Instagram and visit my Comedy Magic website here: https://strongentertainment.com/

***Robert Strong has been twice votes ‘San Francisco’s Best Magician’ and twice voted ‘San Francisco’s Best Comedian’!



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