Make Your Virtual Conference More Fun By Adding Magic Interstitials

One of my favorite clients wanted to make the transitions at their online events more interesting. I pitched them the idea of short and sweet magic interstitials and they were a hit. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. See for yourself!

Virtual Magician For Virtual Events

Here is a magic appearing dog who likes to give high fives:

Here is a magic appearing tie that runs at the beginning of the virtual conference:

Here I saw myself in half as a way to tell everyone it is time for a ‘break’:

Here I solve a Rubik’s cube instantly to talk about their Intelligent Systems:

Here is the video that runs just before their Virtual Q&A:

Here is the ‘Welcome to the Virtual Workshop’ video:

Here is the video for the closing of the of the virtual event:

Here is the transition to a lunch break during their virtual conference:

Here is the welcome back from break at their virtual event:

Here is the video that runs just before their feedback session:

Here is the corny opener I wrote for their virtual symposium:

Here I am demonstrating ‘concept to reality’ by making a bowling ball appear:

Here I transition from a presenter with juggling:

Here I change ones to hundreds to congratulate their team:

Here is another transition I wrote to represent their mission critical products:

Here I saw myself in half again for a transition from one of their virtual trade shows:

These videos are all unlisted, So the only way to find them is a link from me. I hope you enjoy them. If you would like a set of fun and memorable magic interstitials for your virtual meetings, contact me. I would be happy to make your transitions fun!

Robert Strong

The Virtual Magician