Live & Interactive Virtual Magic Shows

He can entertain your guests on Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and more. He can even produce a full variety show with some of the world’s greatest performers.

Robert’s virtual magic show is designed from the ground-up for the virtual world. It is highly interactive, so each show is unique. Since the magic is jaw-dropping amazing, he also wanted the production quality to be equally stunning. Below you can see the difference in quality of what it looked like before and after he setup all the pro gear.

He also has green screens and white backdrops available so that he can produce video content too. He will write your scripts, build your graphics, shoot the video, and do the editing while you focus on distributing the content on your website, in your emails, on your social media, and as content for your virtual conferences/events. See an example here:

So, keep Robert in mind if you have a virtual event that you want to be both amazing and memorable. Robert can provide:

  • Virtual Magic Shows
  • Virtual Team Building Games & Activities
  • Virtual MC/Host for Meetings, Conferences, and Events
  • Lead Virtual Panel Discussions
  • Produce Video Content
  • Ship Custom Printed Gifts & Wine To Complement Your Virtual Events
  • Live Stream a Variety Show with Award-Winning Talent from All Over the World
Robert Strong Live Interactive Virtual Magic Show

The magic community has taken notice of Robert Strong’s ability to adapt to this new genre of virtual magic shows. He was interviewed for Vanish Magazine.

He was interviewed by The Variety Artist podcast.

He was interviewed by video for the Kids Entertainer Academy.

He was interviewed by Entire Productions for their blog 7 Best Practices for Artists Transitioning to Virtual Entertainment. Here is an excerpt:

Presentation is everything! Make sure you have appropriate sound, lighting, background, and internet connection

A green screen is not completely necessary, but make sure your background is presentable for high-end clients. If you have questions, ask an EP employee.

Robert Strong, resident comedy magician at Google and film/TV production graduate has been using his newfound spare time to create helpful videos on how to have a professional aesthetic on your virtual calls, sales meetings, live performances/presentations, and even for producing at home marketing videos.

“Magicians know better than anyone that perception is reality and your image will determine your value. So, when you are on a video call here are some opportunities to be a star:

1. Get an HD camera, set it at eye level, and look amazing.

2. Setup a nice background and light it up.

3. Light yourself from behind first and then add two points of light to your front. You want soft even light and to minimize harsh shadows.

4. People cannot tolerate poor sound quality, so invest in a good microphone.

5. If you are presenting, stand-up. You will look and feel more energetic.

6. Practice so that you don’t waste everyone’s time learning your gear and software on the call

Magicians create extraordinary experiences because we are always considering the audience’s point of view. That continues when we are performing on virtual calls too! So, present like a magician and create an amazing video call for your clients and co-workers!”

Check out his recent Yelp reviews:

Check out his recent Google reviews:

Contact him now to discuss how to make your virtual events Spectacular.



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