One of my favorite clients wanted to make the transitions at their online events more interesting. I pitched them the idea of short and sweet magic interstitials and they were a hit. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. See for yourself!

Virtual Magician For Virtual Events

Here is a magic appearing dog who likes to give high fives:

Here is a magic appearing tie that runs at the beginning of the virtual conference:

Here I saw myself in half as a way to tell everyone it is time for a ‘break’:

Here I solve a Rubik’s cube instantly to talk about their Intelligent…

According to this article shared by #linkedin, “Workplaces that embedded humor in their culture said employees were 16% more likely to stay at their jobs, feel engaged and experience satisfaction.”

Being a humorist myself, I have found that making co-workers and customers laugh is the fastest way to build rapport and trust. Not to get too much into the neuroscience weeds, but laughter is always a release of tension. We all need a release of tension. It feels good to laugh, really good! Too much tension or too little tension, the joke doesn’t land. …

I made a fun little magic video for GoKlean who sell the world’s greatest industrial cleaning products. They generously donated product to AbilityPath who are building a community that brings together professionals and parents of children with special needs from around the globe to learn, share and strengthen the process of supporting the ongoing healthy development of children and youth with special needs and disabilities.

Watch it here on YouTube:

Watch it here on Facebook:

Robert Strong The Comedy Magician

Live & Interactive Virtual Magic Shows

Robert Strong is putting his degree in TV & Film to great use. In early March of 2020, he built a home production studio so that he can dazzle and entertain people all over the world from where he lives in Palo Alto, CA. He is using 4k cameras, professional grade lights and microphones, and has a fast broadband internet connection. Here is a video sample of his work.

He can entertain your guests on Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and more. He can even produce a full variety show with some of the world’s greatest performers.

We have professional comedians, jugglers, and even magicians write your script, build your graphics, shoot the video, and do the editing.

These videos are engaging content your customers will enjoy watching. You can use them on your website, in your emails, on your social media, and as content for your virtual conferences/events.

Creating them is as easy as magic, they can be produced in as little as three days. Contact us now to have your amazing videos produced.

It was the famous Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA…

Robert Strong, Carol Channing, Rich Little, & Steve Rossi

This is a true story! I was backstage sitting in a room the size of a small living room and comedy legends just hung out with me and shared personal stories. Really really personal stories. And, they were funny too. I loved every second of it. …

There is never a better time than right now to adopt a pet! Here is a video we made for one of my favorite non-profits, Adopt a Pet.

Help find a pet a home and go to:

#adoptapet #magic #magician #RobertStrong

This is the best comment I have ever received on a posting! Please read, share the video, and save a pet…

More about Robert Strong The Comedy Magician here:

I hope you enjoyed my talk! Here are links to the items I mentioned. At the bottom of the page is my PowerPoint presentation. Now go and produce amazing content!

You do not need all the gear below, you can do a fantastic job creating content with your smartphones alone. To save money, do the best you can to buy used from Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Craigslist, etc (just be safe). If you are going to buy from Amazon, please use my affiliate links below, for approximately every $500 all of you spend, I get a $10 gift card to…

Professional magician Robert Strong shares 20 magic tricks for both kids (5+) and adults to help beat the stay at home blues.

Kids Watching Robert Strong Instructional Magic Videos
Kids Watching Robert Strong Instructional Magic Videos

We are all ‘social distancing’ ourselves, so now is a great time to learn a new skill. Magic is the best way to connect with people and when the world gets back to ‘normal’ you will have some amazing tricks up your sleeve. But for now, we have time to learn and practice. I have a set of videos for adults and a set for kids (lower down on this post).

I started magic when I was 12…

Robert Strong

Virtual Magician, Live Interactive Virtual Events, Making Virtual Events Fun & Engaging, Producer of Virtual Conferences, Meetings, Game Shows & Team Building

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